Damon Giovanielli (Senior Advisor): Chairman of the Board of Sumner Associates, Inc., a science and technology consulting company contracting to agencies of the U.S. Government. He is also on the Board of Directors of Sigma Labs, Inc. Sigma Labs is parent company for Sumner Associates and adds materials science capabilities to bring new materials and process technologies to market for advanced applications in aerospace, defense, energy, and other areas.


At present, Dr. Giovanielli is himself a consultant to Los Alamos and Livermore National Laboratories. He is also a consultant to the Radiation Effects and High Energy Density Science Foundation at Sandia National Laboratory, and a member of the Site Directed Research and Development Review Committee for the Nevada Nuclear Science Site. He has served on numerous other boards and committees in the past.


Prior to joining Sumner Associates as President in 1993, Dr. Giovanielli was Physics Division Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory (1987-1993.) He went to the Physics Division after serving as Program Director for Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Policy, Liaison and New Programs. He served in various other management and research positions at Los Alamos from 1972 to 1993.


After receiving a Ph.D. in physics from Dartmouth College in June 1970, he taught mathematics at Yale University as an instructor until September 1972. He is a graduate of Princeton University.



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