What is LABi?

Los Alamos Business incubation (LABi) is a limited liability company located in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where discoveries are made.  LABi, a focal point for MAKING DISCOVERIES PROFITABLE, is a leader in the Los Alamos community.  High-tech, low-tech, no-tech; it all has potential. However, the reality is that high-tech Intellectual Property (IP) has the highest potential and level of interest for its further development into opportunities for success and financial benefit.  Early adoption high-tech IP development and funding is our principle niche.  

LABi works with entrepreneurs and investor to facilitate the evolution of mutually beneficial relationships for the purpose of making discoveries profitable.  The discoverer or innovator has something of value un his or her intellectual property of idea.  The investor has something of potential value in the financing she or he can provide.  With the proper match, the IP or idea can be transformed into a profitable discovery that benefits both the investor and the innovator as well as the talented people that become part of the process.


The Differentiating LABi Strategy:

LABi serves as a facilitator for a network of intelligent and talented individuals based mostly in Los Alamos.  This group of diverse and competent technical advisors can be mobilized to provide technical guidance and catalyze the rapid development of IP.  Our key stakeholders have successfully worked within the Los Alamos technical, engineering and scientific community, and continue to develop and nurture those relationships.  LABi has a rigorous, proprietary methodology for assessing and expanding new technology that reduces risk and enhances the potential for financial return.  IP owners come to LABi with a singular idea. LABi works with them to develop it into a spectrum of potentially successful commercial applications.  We provide a mentoring process for bringing talented IP owners and their ideas, in partnership with investors, successfully to market.


“If you want to have good ideas, you must have many ideas.”—Linus Pauling


To learn more about what can offer you, go to our About You page (click here) where the information is organized according to your specific interest (it’s about you).


Or you may want to invest in LABi itself.  There are many advantages.  Do you want to know more?  Use the ”Feedback” button on the right hand side of this page to let us know.  Be sure to include your telephone or cellphone number so we can engage in a trust building interaction.





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